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Independent Women

Wealth Management for Women Investors.
For women, by women.
Financial planning and investment management solutions designed to enable and empower women in any stage of life or any level of financial experience.

At Strategic, we recognize that women have unique financial needs and priorities.

Whether you’re a female business owner, an independent professional, planning for your family, or managing finances for the first time, we’re dedicated to supporting you. Our approach to Financial Planning and Investment Management is clear, straightforward, and designed to empower you to reach your financial goals.

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Share of women who change advisors within 1 year of their partner dying.

Source: “Women as the Next Wave of Growth in U.S. Wealth Management,” by McKinsey & Co., July 29, 2020

At Strategic, we understand the important nuances of financial planning and investment management for female investors. Our team of smart, dedicated women are here to help:

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Establishing your legacy

We can help you create and maintain an estate plan that protects your assets and your loved ones. We’ll connect you with expert attorneys, review your plan regularly, and ensure a smooth transition of guardianship and inheritance for your children.

Financial planning through a divorce

Divorce is challenging, but with our experienced advisors, you’re never alone. We collaborate with your professional advisors to ensure your well-being, help organize essential documents, and update your financial plans. Together, we’ll transform uncertainty into empowered action, setting the stage for your new start.

Starting over after widowhood

Transitioning into managing family finances can be daunting for widows. Our team of experts offers support in budgeting, estate planning updates, and ongoing assistance, ensuring clarity and confidence throughout the process.

Aging and caregiving needs

Supporting elderly loved ones is challenging both emotionally and financially, but you’re not alone. We guide you through long-term care options, ensure estate plans are up-to-date, and help manage costs to create a balanced plan that meets your family’s needs and provides the right care for your loved one.

Our Approach.

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    The Process

    Our Proven Process that takes us from strangers to life-time partners.

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    The Plan

    How we get you on track and make sure you stay there.

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    The Portal

    How you manage, monitor and take action on your plan and achieve your great life vision.

Why Strategic

Your Best Interests. Always.

As an independent registered investment advisor firm, we have a fiduciary obligation to act in your best interests. And as a fee-only firm, we only make money on the assets we manage for you. So, when you make money, we make money. It’s that simple. We don’t sell any commissioned products or receive kick-backs.

Our Pricing Philosophy