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Financial Planning

Live life by design.
Once you’ve got the right partner and plan, the rest is just living.
Our model is simple: provide great financial planning with a well-aligned investment strategy that gets you where you want to go in life.

With the right team, plan, and tools, we ensure you move forward with confidence. Our approach encompasses eight crucial aspects of financial life for a holistic strategy. As life changes, so should your financial plan. Through regular reviews and ongoing communication, we keep your plan up-to-date and relevant, enabling you to live life to the fullest.

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The Elements of a Great Plan.

Investment Management

Science over speculation.

Our process is grounded in research, aimed at long-term wealth creation. We seek to reward investors with evidence-based strategies designed to outperform over time. And we ensure you always understand what you own, why you own it, and what it’s worth today.

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Cash Management

Managing your money matters.

Financial Independence begins with smart money management. We’ll help you craft an intentional plan for your cash flow that balances saving for the future while living well today.

  • Organize your financial life
  • Align your goals and your budget
  • Establish a clear plan for your money

Percent of Americans that rank getting good money advice as a key determinant to financial happiness

Source: Empower “Financial Happiness” study 2023

Retirement Planning

You’ve worked hard for this.

It’s never too early or too late to start planning for retirement. Whatever your vision for retirement looks like, we’ll help you prepare to transition with the confidence you deserve.

  • Establish your retirement vision
  • Financial forecasting to determine a timeline
  • Plan for health care, social security, RMD’s and more

Estate Planning

Planning now for peace of mind later.

A complete and clear Estate Plan is the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out if something happens to you. We’ll review what you have, advise on any gaps, and ensure your plan remains current.

  • Regular review of estate documents, titles, and beneficiaries
  • Clear estate flow analysis
  • Smart estate tax planning

Insurance Planning

Protect your family. Protect your assets.

We call this planning for the unexpected. While we don’t sell insurance products, we’ll assess your coverage needs, explore options, and recommend the types of protection to keep you fully protected.

  • Evaluate areas of risk exposure
  • Plan for life, long-term care, health, disability and more
  • Regularly review to adapt to changes

Tax Planning

Minimize your tax burdens with smart planning.

As your financial advisor and investment manager, we are deeply familiar with your overall financial situation. We will explore and implement strategies and tactics designed to lower your overall tax burden and keep more of what you make – in collaboration with your tax professional of course.

  • Tax-efficient investment management
  • Annual tax reporting with metrics and recommendations
  • Collaboration with your tax professional

Education Planning

Because let’s face it, college is expensive.

Planning for a loved one’s higher education is significant and should be integrated into your overall financial strategy. We’ll navigate you through the best savings options and strategies to maximize your funding goals while minimizing your tax liability.

  • Comprehensive cost analysis and target setting
  • Recommend and set up savings vehicles
  • Smart funding strategies

Our Approach.

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    The Process

    Our Proven Process that takes us from strangers to life-time partners.

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    The Plan

    How we get you on track and make sure you stay there.

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    The Portal

    How we get you on track and make sure you stay there.

“Our Strategic team understands our goals and partners with us to be sure we’re on track to meet them. They’re always available for one-off questions and advice. The financial peace of mind they provide gives us confidence that we’re on the right path.”

Lori, New York

The testimonial provided by a current client who received no compensation for their honest feedback. Results may vary.