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Helping people live a great life…
We’re here for it.
At Strategic Financial, we’re proud to have a 45-year track record (and counting) of lasting, trusting partnerships.

The Strategic Difference

Fiduciaries by Design.

In an industry riddled with mistrust and unnecessary complexity, we are proud to operate as a Fiduciary – where your interests come first. We deliver a holistic approach to wealth management in a fee-only pricing model, we make money when you make money. We do not sell any products, make any commissions or receive any kick-backs from our partners.

A combination of good people, great service, and a straightforward approach has always been a powerful formula for our team, our clients, and our community. And that’s by design.

Good People

We believe in the power of good – good work, good service, good people. It’s a simple idea with tremendous impact for our teams, our clients and our communities.

Consistent Service

While great service today is rare, its core to everything we do. With a fundamentals first approach, we sweat the small stuff. Because details matter.

Straightforward Approach

We keep it real no matter what – always delivering what we promise in the clearest, simplest way. No selling, no surprises, no nonsense.

What you can expect from our team

  • Genuinely Good

    We bring heart, authenticity and commitment to every relationship and interaction.

  • radically responsive people
    Radically Responsive

    Returned calls, quick answers and personal touches are the norm here – the fundamentals always come first. We don’t miss the small stuff.

  • Team Players

    We believe we are stronger together. This means we listen, roll up our sleeves, and think beyond our personal perspective.

  • boldlysimple
    Boldly Simple

    In a complex industry, we keep things simple. No selling, no gimmicks. Just honest and straightforward service and advice.

  • Big Picture Thinkers

    We take a holistic approach to planning, an expansive approach to possibilities, and a community-oriented approach to business.

Core Values


At our core, we’re simply good people helping good people. Our success is measured by the impact we have on our client’s success and the people and communities we serve.


We will never sacrifice our endeavors to be better. Growth is the mechanism that allows us to propel our business forward by reinvesting back into our people, our tools and our community.


We practice what we preach. We dream big and aren’t afraid to fail. We work hard but not at the expense of missing our kid’s baseball game. We are always striving to live a great life while helping others do the same.

Our Manifesto

Many things require plans. A vacation. A kitchen renovation. Even a trip to the market. We want a say in how those things go — so we bring maps. We make timelines. We compile grocery lists.

And yet, when it comes to the biggest thing of all — our life — we tend to get lost in the business of, well, living. In the hubbub of getting out the door and getting things done, we lose sight of the big picture. We wing it. We react. We just keep chugging.

But life can be lived on purpose. You can architect, sketch, and shape so that even when you’re on autopilot, you’re heading in a direction. You can build a vision for tomorrow that makes today even more enjoyable. And most importantly, you can design it based on what matters most to you — the things that are worth more than the sum of your investment accounts.

We’re here to help you plan it, so you can go out and live.