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Fee-Only Pricing
As it should be.
As a registered fiduciary, we are legally and ethically bound to act in our client’s best interest. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We understand the importance of trust in the advisor-client relationship and our simple, straightforward and transparent pricing model is further evidence of that.

We charge a percentage of the assets we manage. We do not sell any commissioned products. We do not receive compensation from any other sources.

Our service and pricing model is designed to be:

In Your Best Interest

We don’t sell commissioned products and we don’t receive kick-backs. We make money only when you make money.

Simple & Straightforward

We get paid a percentage of the assets we manage for you. That’s it.


There are no hidden fees. Period.

The Strategic Tiered Pricing Model:

1.5% on the first $250,000
0.9% on the next $1,750,000
0.70% on the next $3,000,000
0.50% on assets above $5,000,000

Strategic has a $500,000 Account Minimum.

We do offer a reduced minimum at $250,000 for Early Investors through our Strategic Blue Program. To see if you qualify, visit the Early Investor Page.

Why does working with a Fiduciary matter?

A fiduciary advisor is required to provide full transparency on services provided and compensation received. One of the primary defining structures of a fiduciary advisor is the fee structure in which they operate, known as “fee-only.” A fee-only advisor is compensated through advice for their clients, management of financial assets, and carrying our financial planning. They are not compensated on a commission structure based on specific investment product choices, which allow them to remain objective and avoid conflicts of interest.

Is Strategic a Registered Fiduciary?

Yes. Strategic has actively taken measures to eliminate all conflicts of interest including being a 100% fee-based advisor. This has allowed us to place our client’s best interests above all. We work to formulate long-term strategies for every client, taking into account their goals, risk tolerances, and financial and personal circumstances. We have numerous employees who hold the Certified Financial Professional’s (CFPs) designation who are governed by the CFP Board of Standards to uphold this fiduciary responsibility.

How are you compensated? Is any of your revenue generated based on the types of investments that you recommend?

We are a fee-only firm. We charge a percentage of the assets that we manage for our clients. We do not receive revenue from any other sources such as selling investment products or insurance products.

Do you or your firm have any potential conflicts of interest in providing financial advice to clients?

No. As a fiduciary, we are ethically and legally bound to act in our client’s best interest. We conduct ourselves and our business in a manner to avoid any potential conflicts of interest in providing the best quality advice for our clients.