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Business Leaders

Wealth Management for Small Business Owners.
It’s just good business.
Smart investment and planning strategies are critical for business owners, especially when your wealth is closely tied to your business. We meet you at the intersection of life, business and finance - so you can get back to doing what you do best.

We work with Business Owners on their whole financial picture. As part of your Plan, we partner with you everywhere life, finance, and business meet.

See you at the crossroads

Manage and grow your wealth

Our approach includes evidence-based investing, risk management through regular portfolio rebalancing, and strategic tax loss harvesting to optimize your returns. Stay informed throughout your investment journey with our exclusive client portal, StrategicOne.

Keep more of what you make

Smart tax planning reduces your tax burden, freeing up resources for your priorities. We offer detailed annual tax planning, strategic tax-loss harvesting to leverage market conditions, and collaboration with tax professionals to ensure comprehensive financial management.

Protect yourself and your business

Life is unpredictable; secure your family and business with comprehensive insurance coverage. Our services include a thorough risk and needs analysis to ensure proper coverage, assistance in obtaining the best coverage through our trusted partners, and regular reviews to adjust your coverage as your life and risks change.

Thoughtful transition planning

As you approach your next chapter, ensure your business is prepared for the transition. We offer comprehensive retirement planning to align your personal and business readiness, and detailed succession planning, whether you’re retiring, selling, or passing your business to the next generation.

Turn your 401k into a competitive advantage

Strategic’s retirement plan solutions are more than just a benefit-check-box. Attract, retain, reward, and prepare your team for retirement while improving your bottom line through optimized contributions, reduced taxes, and enhanced fee monitoring. Additionally, our programs promote employee financial wellness for a happier and more engaged workforce.

Helping people live a great life – it’s why we exist. Our straightforward approach and consistently great service (we sweat the small stuff) has been our recipe for success for over 45 years.

Our Approach

Why Strategic?

Your Best Interests. Always.

As an independent registered investment advisor firm, we have a fiduciary obligation to act in your best interests. And as a fee-only firm, we only make money on the assets we manage for you. So, when you make money, we make money. It’s that simple. We don’t sell any commissioned products or receive kick-backs.

Our Pricing Philosophy