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Nancy Meininger

Business Administrator

Dedicated building manager with her finger on the pulse of the day-to-day operations at Strategic.

Nancy Meininger, Head of Business Management: A woman with long blonde hair and a black and floral blouse working at her computer.

Overseer of it all. Commitment to quality and upholding Strategic’s service standards.

Nancy joined Strategic in 2005, bringing more than 15 years of experience with financial and investment matters to the firm. She manages the firm’s accounting, human resources, payroll and general office functions.


  • Business Administration, Utica College of Syracuse University

Beneath the Surface

Claim to Fame

Nancy feels that she seems to take on the role of everyone’s mom wherever she goes.


Refinishing antique furniture, cooking, snowshoeing and shopping in her spare time.


Married for 35 years and have two successful sons, one is a high school trigonometry teacher and the other just earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry.

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