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The Importance Of Living A Great Life


What does living a great life mean to you? Below we will discuss a different perspective around living a “rich” life and actions you can take to find purpose.

Being on track for retirement can lead to a sense of fulfillment, but ensuring you are living a great life is equally important. In this article, we will discuss key focal points before and during retirement.

Before Retirement

Happiness can come in many forms. Although some may say money leads to happiness, we will look at a different perspective of living a “rich” life.

Making Memories and Spending Time

One of the most valuable assets we have is time. Choosing to spend it with those you love can create a powerful impact. Cultivating the relationships of your choosing allows you to live a great life. While much of life is spent planning for the future, it is very important to be in the present.

Maintain Control of Your Mind

The condition of your life comes largely from the quality of feelings you experience on a daily basis. Negative emotions can detract from your goals and purpose. Maintaining a positive mindset will continue to give your life meaning regardless of the adversities that will arise.

Define Your Own Success

Your definition of success will always be unique. As you progress through life, that definition may change, but be sure to never lose sight of what you want the most.

During Retirement

It may be easy to lose your sense of purpose once you retire. You’ve spent your entire life working to get to this point and may be asking yourself “Now what?”. Below we will discuss a few habits you can implement to maintain a happy retirement.

Maintain Your Personal Health

Studies have shown that exercise paired with a healthy diet can reduce the risk of developing certain health conditions, boost your immune system, increase energy levels and ultimately, improve your mood. Keep in mind, it is never too late to become active and start a wholesome diet. If you find it difficult to stay active, adopting a furry friend comes with many benefits! Taking them for daily walks will improve your overall health.

As far as your mental health goes, be sure to continue learning and training your mind. Challenging your brain helps you stay sharp. It may also help prevent cognitive decline and reduce the risk of dementia.

Takeaway: Keeping your mental, physical and emotional health in check is the key to a successful and great life.

Fostering Social Connections

Social networks tend to decrease once you leave the workforce. This means it is important to find or continue hobbies with people you like in order to boost your overall satisfaction. Furthermore, social isolation has been linked to higher rates of heart disease, strokes, increased risk of dementia and greater chances of depression. These social interactions play a big role in your overall health.

Finding a Clear Sense of Purpose

Many retirees decide to find work even after retiring to maintain a sense of purpose. The key distinction is they do it because they “want to” not “have to”. Another area to find purpose in is volunteer work. Helping people in need offers a large boost in satisfaction as well as purpose.


Final Thoughts: It is up to you to define your great life. Overall health and mindset will enhance your everyday experiences. Foster relationships, find your purpose and success will follow.


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