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Solidify Your Foundation: Your Budget, Money & Journey

JUSTIN_HEARTY_SHORT Justin Hearty | Articles

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With endless information available related to finances, key foundational points are often missed. In order to properly progress through Your Money Journey, a household budget becomes critical.

Take Control Of Your Finances

Creating a budget may seem time-consuming, but there are many ways to simplify this process. If you don’t know where to start or have fallen off track, this article is for you. We will focus on three key points listed below:

  • What is a Household Budget?
  • The “Less Is More” Mentality
  • Forming Realistic Expectations

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Your Money Journey


You may be asking yourself “Now that I have money, what should I be doing?” We have created Your Money Journey to answer this and help track your financial progress throughout life. In this article, we will discuss progressing to Mile 3. This grouping captures the beginning of your journey before diving into maximizing your investments. The initial stages are as follows:

  • Trailhead – Base Reserves
  • Mile 1 – Utilize Employer Match
  • Mile 2 – Fully Funded Emergency Account
  • Mile 3 – Pay Off High-Interest Debt

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