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We welcome inquiries from talented individuals that share our passion for the industry and dedication to client service.  If you are interested in pursuing a career with Strategic, we encourage you to submit your resume using the link below.

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Strategic’s core values form the DNA of our firm and provide us with a set of guiding principles in the pursuit of our client’s goals.

Client First

Our success is measured solely in the eyes of our clients. Acting in their best interest is the only path.

  • Act with integrity and be transparent
  • Listen carefully, follow-up and exceed expectations
  • Build lifetime relationships; embrace client goals as our own
  • Maintain strict confidentiality without exception
  • Deliver the highest-quality experience to our clients


Together, we can accomplish anything. Support, respect and trust are the foundation of a team united behind a common purpose.

  • Share victories; learn from setbacks
  • Embrace personal responsibility; be honest, dependable and accountable
  • Trust teammates, support decisions, offer to help; get each other’s back
  • Communicate openly, listen actively, embrace feedback, challenge fairly, offer solutions
  • Make each other proud


The trust of our clients, teammates, business associates and community is earned every day. Respect for each other fosters these unique partnerships.

  • Embrace diverse skillsets, backgrounds and ideas to find the best solutions
  • Know we are all empowered; learn, develop and contribute
  • Speak up! New and alternative viewpoints are valued
  • Recognize and appreciate the workload of others
  • Preserve and cultivate a culture of humility; treat everyone with dignity and respect


Our industry is intensely competitive. The goals of our clients are ambitious. To be successful, we must think, work and execute at the highest level.

  • Stick to the fundamentals; “get the job done”
  • Set goals, focus and deliver; be persistent and reward results
  • Be dynamic; innovate, evolve, adapt
  • Remember that risks are ever present; discipline, consistency, quality and value are our best defense
  • Stay hungry; success is never final


Life is full of incredible opportunities. We live and work with a passion to reach our full potential.

  • Be true to yourself; seek out what you love
  • Find your work-life rhythm
  • Embrace the community; help, volunteer and give back
  • Chase dreams
  • Be nice