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June 2019

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Plan well to live your very best lives now

Greg Mattacola | Articles

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Live your best life

Two things happened over the course of the last two weeks, one horrific and the other magnificent. An old, dear friend’s son died tragically at the age of 18. And two close friends got married in as picturesque a setting as you could ask for. One ripped my heart to pieces and the other made it soar. I’ve still not fully processed either and probably won’t for some time.

That all being said, what does any of this have to do with money, finance or financial planning? It has everything to do with it.

A financial advisor’s objective should not be to make their clients the richest corpses in the graveyard at the expense of not having lived a full life. It should be to help clients balance future retirement goals with their present day lives, and to ensure that while they are planning for the future, they are still living their very best lives now.

Why? Because nothing is guaranteed. Not one thing. So, foregoing that trip you always dreamed of for the sake of a long term goal that may or may not happen – isn’t necessarily the way to go. Yes, sacrifices must be made to ensure a financially stable future but don’t just give today away for a tomorrow that may not come. An advisor worth his salt should have his eye on both and counsel you accordingly.

My friend’s son Henry lived his short life fiercely. With love and adventure. He was up for anything, always. My friends, when exchanging their vows, brought tears to my eyes at the very visible love they shared. The lesson? Live your best lives now and live them with love. What else is there?

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