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Letter to Clients | March 16, 2020

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Brighter Days Ahead

Alan Leist III | Articles

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CEO Alan R. Leist III, CFA outlines Strategic’s Coronavirus Preparedness Plan

The world is facing a historical confluence of health, social and financial events. Understandably, people are scared, confused and angry. Our job is to deliver clear communication, excellent service and sound advice to help you get through this moment with an eye on the long-term plan.

The Strategic team appreciates the confidence that you have placed in us to deliver on that task and we are working hard to exceed your expectations. Strategic will continue to provide services without interruption while ensuring our team members remain healthy and safe. A brief update on our staffing and service plan follows:


Due to significant investments in recent years, Strategic is now a cloud-based organization with the capability to work remotely and serve our clients effectively from those remote locations.

Work from Home

To practice effective social distancing, the majority of the Strategic 31 person team is working remotely for at least the next two weeks.

Office Staffing

A small team is deployed onsite at Strategic to manage the physical logistics of the business.


All calls are being routed automatically to the mobile phones of our Executive Assistant team of Crystal Seymore, Lori Mitchell and Traci Grogan.

  • This team will take detailed messages.
  • All calls will be returned quickly by the appropriate team member.
  • If a call happens to be missed, you can expect a response in short order.


All team members have access to email from home and will continue to communicate electronically without interruption.


As always, our team follows “The Sunset Rule,” which means you can expect a response to any inquiry before the end of each business day.


All client meetings will be held by phone or video conference for the month of March. This time frame may be extended, if needed.

Market Updates and Investment Strategy

For ongoing market commentary, our CIO Doug Walters continues to provide valuable guidance. Please visit our resource hub (link here) to view those updates.

Financial Planning and Admin

All ongoing planning and administrative tasks remain in process and on schedule.


Please let me know if Strategic is missing anything from your perspective.

Daily Town Hall

The firm is meeting daily via conference call to share your feedback, adapt as needed and ensure that communication across the firm remains effective.

We have had the privilege of participating in hundreds of client conversations in the past few weeks. Thank you for your partnership in what is a very personal matter for you and our team. We will continue to reach out to you in the weeks ahead proactively. We encourage you to contact us at 315-724-1776 or by email when we can be of service.

On a personal note, I have been in this business since 1992, when I stepped onto the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as a 19-year-old intern. In that time, I have seen all manner of crises come and go. If I have learned anything from my experience, it is that the American economy, capital markets and way of life will all win out in the end. The short-term path to success may be uncertain, but brighter days are most definitely ahead. Strategic is here to help you see the way.


Alan R. Leist, CEO


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