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Webinar | Q1 2020 Strategic Perspectives | April 9, 2020

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Webinar | Q1 2020 Strategic Perspectives

Mike Leist Michael Leist | Articles

Length: 47:54 min


Q1 2020 Strategic Perspectives | Live Webinar April 9, 2020

The Strategic team recently held a live webinar on April 9th to recap the tumultuous first quarter of 2020 and answer our client’s frequently asked questions. In case you missed it, a replay of the webinar can be viewed here:


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In our FAQ video series, CIO Doug Walters, CFA and the Strategic Team provide answers to frequently asked questions to help you navigate the recent market turmoil.


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Founded in 1979, Strategic is a leading investment and wealth management firm managing and advising on client assets of over $1.8 billion.