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February 2020

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The Best of Customer Service

Greg Mattacola | Articles

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Customer Service

Service to others is at center of all we do

Contributed by Gregory Mattacola

Let’s talk about the concept of service. Recently I visited my son for a dad’s weekend at his college fraternity. Nothing says we appreciate our fathers quite like a father-son beer pong tournament.

Rome was represented well as we advanced to the final 8 out of 60 plus teams only to run into a buzz saw of a duo who must practice in all their spare time.

Winter day

As I returned home Sunday morning, I had to drop off my rental car and take a shuttle bus to the airport terminal. It was early, it was freezing and I was tired. I was not looking forward to traveling in any way and my demeanor said as much.

As I stepped on the bus as the only passenger, the shuttle bus driver who I will call “Donna” greeted me warmly. She pointed out the warmest place on the bus to sit and considerately asked me about my timeline and if I was in danger of missing my flight. I told her I was plenty early so she waited another few moments for any other passengers before taking off.

There were none.

As we approached the terminal, she thanked me for my patronage. She also gave me detailed instructions about where she was dropping me off and how best to get to the walkway to the terminal. She then wished me safe travels and told me that she hoped 2020 would be the best year ever for me.

She was warm, she smiled, she was genuine. Her mood was infectious. And that’s all it took. One shuttle bus driver turned my morning and attitude around.

Mind you, Delta did all they could to reverse Donna’s good work with delay after delay but no matter, her service made a lasting impression. Her role would seem pretty insignificant in the larger picture of all the people you depend upon when you travel and fly. Yet, she made the biggest impact of all.

She served me, the only passenger on the bus, with enthusiasm. She was excellent in all she did and improved my day significantly.

This is everything, isn’t it?

At the center of all we do, professionally and personally, is service. Before I take the final dirt nap, if I know that I was of use to others and made their lives a bit better for having known me, then I’ll have lived a great life. To do this, it doesn’t take big, grand acts.

Most often, it is the little things. Donna didn’t do anything earth-shattering, yet she served with distinction and made my day better.

This is what I’ve always tried to do in my vocation, both as an attorney and now a financial advisor – lighten people’s burdens and make their lives a bit better for having utilized my services. I work with a bunch of people who strive to do the same. It’s at the core of what drives us.

Sometimes, you wonder if this is a dying sentiment. Then, you run into someone like Donna and are blown away. We’d all be well served to take her example.

Live well, live with love. Until next time.

Original content provided by Gregory Mattacola, Esq., Financial Advisor at Strategic Financial Services. Content is provided for educational purposes only and should not be used as the basis upon which to make investment or financial decisions.

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